The Basics of MMA Betting

Gambling Aug 14, 2023

The popularity of MMA has exploded in recent years and many sports betting sites offer odds on MMA fights. It’s a complex sport to wager on and there are several factors that go into the mix. This article will help you understand the basics of mma betting so you can place your wagers with confidence.

MMA Betting Odds

The most common bet is the money line, where you bet on a particular fighter to win the fight. You can also make parlays (accumulators), over/under and round bets. These bets are similar to boxing betting but there are some differences. You can also bet on how a particular fighter will win the fight, which is called Method of Victory. This type of bet is more difficult to make than the other types, but it can be very lucrative if you know how to read the odds and are able to calculate what your chances of winning a bet are.

Another important factor to consider is a fighter’s ability to make weight for a fight. This is especially important for those who compete in multiple weight classes as fighters can move up and down depending on their success and the strength of competition. Fighters who struggle to make weight may be forced to cut calories or starve themselves before a fight, which can have a negative impact on their performance in the ring.

It’s also important to study a fighter’s record in each weight class. Many bettors want to do what is known as MMA Math, where they compare a fighter’s record to their opponent’s. However, this can be misleading and can distract from handicapping styles and studying fight film.

One bet type that is specific to MMA is the round bet, which allows you to pick the exact round in which a fight will end. These bets are more precise than the moneyline or over/under and can have a larger payout, as you’re betting on a specific result in a specific round. For example, if you bet on Khabib Nurmagomedov to win in the fourth round, you’ll get paid if he lands a significant number of legal strikes or a submission.

Method of victory bets are also popular in MMA betting and can be quite profitable. When placing this bet, it’s important to understand how a judge scores a fight and which criteria they take into account. For instance, a judge will look at effective striking, grappling, dominance, aggression, and defense. The higher a fighter’s score in these categories, the more likely they are to win.

When making a Method of Victory bet, it’s crucial to analyze the fighters’ fighting styles. Some fighters are strong strikers while others are more well-rounded. A savvy bettor will take into consideration the style of each fighter and determine which victory condition is most likely to occur. For example, if Demetrious Johnson is facing Tyron Woodley, a bet on a knockout victory would make sense as both fighters are powerful strikers.

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